Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You Jane

Here are a "few" wonderful things sent to me by a friend and fellow member of EtsyMN group. She also happens to be one of my most generous supporters, often including me in her Etsy treasures to help promote my store and even purchasing a few of my "odd" creations. Truly a wonderful and giving person and the main reason I continue to keep making things for my store despite the economy and general lack of sales. So this is my chance to say....Thank You Jane...... of Glorioushats ....for your support and encouragement

It's appreciated more then I can put into words...(like that ever stopped me from blathering on).

Included here are some tiny vegetables to put into the little pouch's I make for my dolls, some of the nicest leather I have ever felt...buttery soft and rich colors for the books and girls' clothes, suede for the girls dresses, a beautiful card that I believe she purchased on on Etsy and a vintage doll.
Originally, I thought the doll was meant for me to turn into one of my "re-purposed dolls" and I was going to send it back with the new decorations but....How can I re-purpose something that is already so special in it's own rights. It just struck me as sacrilegious to alter a vintage doll. So, change of plans. I am hunting for the perfect modern doll, to take back in time 40,000 years. I'm still looking . Many of the smallest dolls are either not well made(plastic with seams) or look like babies but I want a little girl not a baby but the girls I like the best are mostly 14-20"...American Girls(TM) and bigger then she would I keep my eyes open and believe the right girl will find me.

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