Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My other blogs about Aspergers

I don't know if I will actually keep up with these, but I have started two blogs about my experience with Aspergers. I friend and fellow aspie suggested that this would be a good alternative to posting that information here and it made sense to me. (see, I am open to suggestions inspite of a general stubbornness) . That isn't to say, that some of my experiences with AS wont make there way into this blog but I will try and keep it minimal and general and leave my "soap-box" in my other blogs, (who wants to tote that heavy thing every where they go.

Should anyone be interested in knowing more about My perspective about Aspergers, you can check the following blogs.....

I don't know if either of these links will work....My computer skills appear to be very hit and miss,( hit a key but miss the target) .

I am going to try and keep my "self riotous opinions" there...("self" centered by inclination...."riotous" because I assume I am right until corrected by information that I find more reasonable and logical then my current beliefs...."Opinions" because I know them to be just that...not facts but current biases of a belief system that is open to revision .) Right now I believe the posts are open to comment from others, but I know some of the things I say maybe miss construed or offend some people and if comments become "just mean", instead of disagreements. I will probably get rid of the feedback option . I am actually very thick skinned in someways and have no skin in other areas. Will see how it goes.

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