Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two possible" table runners" and another Strangeland critter

Table runners for Wonderland....
I think the Rabbit in Wonderland would approve of these as table I runners .
The top one started life as a scarf but I just kept adding layers until it became to thick for a scarf...unless you live in the Arctic, though MN can get pretty close some winters . The back side is two shades of gray strip in Colonial and Yak and the other side is a checkerboard of merino blends . It was interesting to figure out how to create a checkered effect and I will probably be making some chest boards in the near future .

If I don't sell this as a table runner....I have some images in my head of using it as the "Cat in the Hat" type hat with a fake fur brim and leather on the top . (Makes me regret my Glam/Punk/Goth days are behind me as I would have loved to wear something like that .)

The bottom "table runner"....table scarf?.....is made of Romney which is a delight to needle felt and a horror to wet felt . This took several hours to felt and double the water which made a huge mess on the table and I will never try and wet felt this stuff again.....Ack...talk about water repellent........ sheep must love wearing this wool in cool, damp Europe but it is a beast to felt ....(point made?) I ended up spending another 3 hours needle felting the Romney after wet felting it to get it more solid . I do think it would make a lovely table runner beneath a nature shrine with lots of rocks, rusted metal and drift wood ...... Or I could cut it up into small circles and sell it to use as an exfoliater as I think it would work better then those little electric face buffers...(I'm no athlete but I can manage to rotate my hand in small circles to clean my own face ).

The light strip is the colonial wool...(a merino cross breed) and dark strip is the Yak....I like the way these thick layers puckered up, feels soft and cushy.

Here is a bit better picture of my "bunny" posing with a creature from Strange Land . He is sort of a dino-horse with a humanoid face . His core is colonial and then I laid on several layers of Alpaca/silk in peacock colors . This is the lovely stuff I bought myself for my birthday with the money that my BF's mom sent . I was planning on making her a scarf with it but she said she doesn't like blue...dang .

Tonight I come to the end of my 9 day work week and I wont have to be back until next Saturday...(sucker for overtime) . I hope to spend this week creating my new shop on Etsy and making labels for my items .

Happy Felting .


  1. Absolutely wonderful stuff. So enjoy reading your blog posts.

  2. Your table runners are gorgeous. Very beautiful. I've been playing with needle felting a lot. So sculptable I love it.



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