Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No such thing as a bad experiment in felt

Posts, like days, are best started with a cat . This is a very rare picture, my cat not in motion . Cats see "spirits'" and I always wonder who is there when I see a cat go into the trance stare .
Remember when you made your first snowflake ? Took a piece of paper and folded it into several smaller squares and then cut out little notches . It was always a surprise when you opened it up . Well, that is what I tried with this bit of green prefelt . It wasn't Quite as easy as a nice flat piece of paper as the prefelt is quit fluffy when it's folded but it did give an interesting pattern when opened . I just looked it up....isn't the internet wonderful! I have to leave for work but am leaving a link for you and me to peruse tomorrow......


This is my first attempt to make some very thick boxs of felt . Basic box shape but I didn't have the patience to make a template and this will certainly be a very free form box .
This is the inside of the box and I plan on sewing the edges together to for the box shape but may try some needle felting before I sew it to strengthen and then hope to embellish the sewn edges with some fur, leather and beads .
I just pinned it quickly to get an idea of the final look .
These particular boxs are very thick with about 5 layers of thin roving and they would fit CD/DVD's , random treasure or be a good catch all when emptying your pockets at the end of the day .

Above and below are the back and front of a lap top sleeve . Again, the shape is far from uniform and I plan on leaving the edges as is and just sewing straight sides up the sides . I haven't really decided what to sew with though I would really like to use some interesting hand spun yarn and then reinforce with thicker carpet thread . Why sew when you can just use an insert and have the edges felted ? Mostly because I'm still afraid to try a resist, but I also think the wavey edges look kind of cool .

Although I know some people find all my crazy colors abit "too interesting" , I really like how you can create scarves with two different colored sides and decide which color you want on the out side that day .
I think it appeals to the cheap-skate (what is the origin of cheap skate?) in me...two scarves for the price of one .
Happy felting in the new year !


  1. Yet again, you amaze, amuse and delight me with your felty experiments. Love, love, love what you are doing.

  2. Thanks again Jane...I have to admit that the whole wet felting thing has been worth over-coming my distaste for having wet hands and it sure beats the hours and blood lose trying to make the same things with a needle .



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