Saturday, December 26, 2009

Still trying to learn to felt miniatures

The above little.....uhm, rodent? was made for my BF for his kindly driving me to and from work the past few days of blizzardy weather . He is meant to be friends with his dragon and currently remains, that's good and keeping with the Holiday season .
I still have much to learn about making how to do it in less then 6 hours . Hard to believe something this small would take so long but it's only because I have to keep repairing "mistakes" and poke vary slowly to avoid bloody fingers and one wrong poke can ruin the whole thing . The dog/bear on the right, still needs arms and legs which I hope to finish tonight .
The above will be sewn into a bag . I haven't actually decided on the finished look but plan on sewing side seams that will include a handle . Also, the basic shape gave me an idea of making a turtle clutch with is impossible for me to describe. (I am mentioning it here so I don't forget that I wanted to try it . I always think of things I want to do and then forget when I get the needle in my hand and just end up making another ball while an idea comes to me .
This is another vaguely butterfly cape with patterened silk Chiffon and merino, Tencel and silk . It wraps comfortably around my shoulders but could also be worn to keep your head warm . I'm already working on some items for Shepherds Harvest on Mothers Day Weekend and hoping it is as cool as it was last year so people will consider some of my scarfs .

I did try something new, for me, and that is using some small pieces of torn prefelt on top of the loose wool roving . At first it didn't want to felt and pilled up but a bit more water helped and it certainly does open up detailing options which I hope to explore tonight in a "landscape" bag or scarf .
I hope everyone had a great time visiting with friends and family this Holiday season and are now relaxing full and content (with not to great a credit card debt) .

Happy Holidays and Merry felting .

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