Sunday, December 13, 2009

needle felt pup and wet felted fabric

My very sleepy Baloo .
This reminds me a bit of a dog version of the Sphinx in Egypt ......(except sillier and fuzzier .)

Below is some more thick wet felted fabric that I'm not sure what I will do with . It's made as one piece but I was considering cutting it up to make neck warmers, wrist cuffs or bags . It's a really soft blend of alpaca, merino, tencel and silk caps and noils .
The small silk "beads" did not all felt because I didn't spread them out thin enough to allow fiber to trap them and resulted in my removing several only partially felted ones .
I do really like the way the silk bells added extra color tones on top of the merino/tencel . The silk has blue and gold tones .
This is very thick and intended purely as bags or other decorative items as the cream colored colonial (a merino blend that is not as soft as merino), is not soft enough for skin wear in my opinion . This also has alpaca and merino as accents laid on top and bottom, sandwiching the
Colonial wool .
I can't say that these are my particular color pallet but I am trying to make things that "other eyes" might enjoy, so went with softer colors . If I do get around to make this into bags, I will probably add some needle felt accents of some sort .


  1. Oh my, You have once again blown me away. The dog has so much life and character, awesome sculpting.

    The colors and textures of the wet felted pieces are wonderful. Kept wanting to touch them.

    Felt On you amazing feltmaker!

  2. I love your little Sphinx he is just so cool. My little dog is often laying like this. My eyes enjoy the colors on your bags :))

    Happy felting !

  3. I am so sorry, I forget to say that your Baloo is a very cool cat !!!



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