Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sea monster and wolf detailing

(Click on pictures for more detail)...I spent most of the last day and night finishing up the detailing and tightening the felt to make it more durable . I doubt the visual effect would be obvious to the casual observer but I really want to make sure that my critters don't fall apart and end up in some land fill....(truely, my biggest fear in selling them) .
I like the eye lashes and they only take about 30 min to add, so I will probably go back and add them to several of my older sculptures before I list them .
...but this fuzzy tailed wolf is already spoken for and I think will be well cared for by her new friend Eva .
Sea dragon touch up was also finished around 4am last night . My BF has been dropping hints like...("can I have him for Christmas") so I guess he wont make it into my store either but at least will have another appreciative owner .

I think the teeth turned out well and weren't to difficult to sew in . They have a nice translucent and shiny effect that can't be achieved with felting . I have a small bag full of these, so will have fun playing around with future dragons and other scary beasts .

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