Friday, November 27, 2009

Experimenting in fiber nuno and wet felted scarves

Above is some weird netting like fabric that I ordered to make arm warmers but....I kept wondering what it would look like felted . I was under the impression that this kind of fabric wouldn't be felted because (I at least thought), it is synthetic . well, it does felt as you can see below . This has fiber on both sides and the fabric sandwhiched between .
You can see that the ends actually puckered to create a nice scalloped edge .
I also added bits of yarn that I untwisted a bit and laid on top of the roving .
This shows both sides...the back is sort of purple and the front is oranges and blues so you can flip which color works best for you .

A bit of close up of the nuno felted chiffon scarves . This is a blend of merino wool, Tencel and silk cobweb .
This is one of the 2 "extra" scarves I hand dyed months ago for a nuno felting class . The pink is a bit deeper then showing on my monitor but the whole thing screams SPRING .
This shows both sides and the bottom section is a blend of Alpaca and silk dyed in Peacock colors. I really love this stuff even if it does take a little longer to felt then the wool .

This is not nuno felted but wet felted of tencel and merino wool with no fabric under it .
Peaches, purples, yellows and just a dab of blue...large enough to wrap around the head and still keep your neck warm . I made it as a gift for my BF's mom who is traveling north(from Florida) this winter and needed soemthing to keep head warm . I thought it came out rather well but the response from one of my co0workers was...."Is it supposed to have so many colors ?" \I know I tend to be a bit sensitive but that really hurt my feelings and made me question if it was really bad looking . Can I really trust my eyes ?....(I am kind of weird after all ).

The above is a scarf I made for another friend in New Orleans . It doesn't get as cold there but he needs something for motorcycle riding and I thought this bit of armor might be effective . It's a blend of merino, alpaca, tencel and silk cobweb .
The following three are just more of the hand spun yarns that I braided and needle felted . I was originally making ball and hoop closures but I realized that there is enough stretch in these that they can just be pulled over the wrist or head .

Also while experimenting with these, I found out that they work great for keeping long hair out of your face . I usually wear those metal headbands with the teeth, but they get tangled in my hair and hurt when I take them out . Now, I just put one of these over my head like I would wear it for a necklace and then pull it back up and over my ears . I know...simple idea, but I love the way they look and feel . Even if know one buys them..I've found my own new hair accessory .
I know these wont last as long as fabric but I figure I can sell them inexpensively and they are biodegradable . I'm using myself as a Guinea pig to see exactly how long they hold up when worn daily .

Happy Thanksgiving .


  1. wonderful feltwork! lovely colors...

  2. Yep, definitely Wool Alchemy ;D

    The scarves are lovely. Some of us like the highly multicolor; some prefer less. There are plenty of people who will adore your scarves.

    You are producing some amazing works.



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