Thursday, December 31, 2009

Felted "box" purses

Boxs became bags and where easy to sew and only took a few hours . I like the way the seams look but I suppose they are a bit over the top in sensory overload....color,texture,shape . I still need to tweek the handles a bit but not sure about how yet . Perhaps just stay with a plan leather or suede handle .

Above is another link with some lessons for those who want to learn wet felting . I think their supply prices for mixed bags of fine Merino are also a good place to start if your interested in trying some wet felting .

I am starting the new year exhausted and may take a week sabbatical from felting to tie up some of the lose ends around the apartment...pesky things like cleaning, sorting paper work piles, writing up training sheets for work and organizing felted items . .........that is, unless my new fiber from Alaska arrives, then all bets are off .

Another New Years Eve passes without my spending it throwing up, slurring, or falling down and that brings the total to almost 20 years of celebrate with me in ringing in the new year with some good friends and a movie or a good book and fuzzy cat or a plate of sushi and a computer .


  1. Hi, your colors are great- I've decided to do what makes me happy and I think you should too. A friend told me this summer "only you would think of putting those colors together-but it works"

  2. Thanks for the feedback . I have only sold at one show (last spring) and listed nothing on Etsy, so I never really know what others think of what I am making .

    Good luck with your new store venture, sounds like a bit less work then dragging everything to craft shows or listing them on Etsy . Hope your sales go well : )



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