Sunday, December 20, 2009

Howling wolf and sea monster...and a bit more wet felting

This little wolf was a collaborative effort with my boyfriend's son, Max . He has been asking me to show him how to needle felt and we finally had some time . I'm afraid I began the body to long and once Max had felted it very solid...realized the wolf was in need of some major surgery . I once thought you couldn't "take away" from felt but after cutting my first felted spirals from felted log...found that felt can be carved . That was a lesson worth learning .

We were trying to get this guy done in less then my usual 16 hours, so I think I was rushing my own process, which I don't like . However, Ma gave me an extension and I got to take my time finishing some of the detailing after he made the main section . The whole thing ways a bit less then a pound and is very solidly felted except for the tail which I rooted hair into a needle felt rope to keep it fluffy...but this also makes it more brushing !

I still would like to add some eye lashes and paw pads but this guy is almost done and on the way to Max's girlfriend . Hope she likes him as I have become rather attached .
Ariel view of my friendly sea monster . His wings and part of his tail are my first attempts to add wet felting to my sculptures and I think the process will be helpful in making thinner appendages on my sculptures . Ears, fins, wings have always been a challenge for me to needle felt .
The above picture is me learning something new to do in Picasso..(I love Picasso and it's free !)
Evidently, you can easily add text to your photos....(why am I always the last person to know this stuff ) .
This has been a several day process and I still have to add details to the feet and am playing around with different ideas for the teeth . I have some white glass beads that are teeth like and if that doesn't's back to needle felting but I will definitely be making some white wet felted material to use for teeth in the near future . I think this is the first sculpture I have tried with an open mouth and I want to play around with this a bit more .
This bright bit of wet felting is a base of Merino and Tencel with splashes of silk noils(?)
and mohair . I have to say, I'm not having a lot of success in getting either of these additions to completely felt inspite of all my rolling . Not sure what I will use this for but I did begin wet felting to make clothing for my dolls, so think this might be the perfect skirt for some lucky fairy.
This isn't a very clear close-up of my next wet felting but I really like how the texture looks like an aerial view of some land scape . The texture seems to be enhanced by adding some finely spread silk bells over the merino . I made a mess trying to work with the silk bells but love the effect .
This top scarf,( laying on top of the back side of the bright blue piece (which is purple and blue on the reverse side) ...was actually a failure that I like better then some of my intentional pieces . I began it by laying thin and thick roving onto a Paj Silk scarf . I was trying to make something for a friend who doesn't like the texture of chiffon which is the only thing I have used for nuno felting so far . I knew it would be more of a challenge because the weave is tighter but after an hour of rolling, there was hardly any wool fibers migrating through so I peeled it off and continued felting . The result is a very translucent piece with a few small holes . I think it looks really organic but is probably to fragile for daily wear . Another technique to experiment with .

Happy winter solstice to all and to all a good night .


  1. Awed, absolutely awed. Am so looking to when we can next get together and I can touch, feel, pet and admire in real time and space your amazing works.

    Thrilled that Max is interested - how neat for both of you to work together on a project.

    Love how you are combining wet and dry felting.

    Enjoyed reading about your experiments and enjoying the colors and textures.

    Felt ON! Jane

  2. Thanks for the support and encouragement Jane ,as always, it keeps me working through all the finger pricking and sore arms to know someone like what I make : )



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