Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wild things from "Strange Land" for Shepherds Harvest

For more detail, just click on the pictures.....

Here are my two last sculptures for Strange Land . My long term plan is to make a felt tree with some fiber I am waiting for and hang my "alien pods" from it and surround it with the Strange Land "wild things" for a group shot . I would like to make that into postcards with my shop name on it but still don't HAVE a shop....ooops . I seem to do well in thinking about the details and vaguely seeing long term, but have a lot of trouble with all the stuff in the middle .
I started this with the idea of making a dragon and used really thick copper-wire to make the legs pose-able , but as I laid the silk and alpaca fiber over the shape it started reminding me of a mallard duck , so I went with a chimera...duck feet -shark fin-dragon face .....(sort of) . Well, what ever he is...I think the colors turned out pretty . I may still add some nuno felt wings .
This big guy, started life as a gerbil or guinea pig........then there was a nuclear meltdown in my brain and he became one of the wild things....but not before going through a brief metamorphoses as a spookie Homer Simpson until I added more fur . I really should get the camera out during the different stages because what I start out making seldom reflects what I end up with.....I often feel like the wool is controlling me more then that I am taming the wool .
Handsome, he is not, but I think he would give you a very gentle hug and the alpaca fur is very soft .
I made this little guy for my dentists' new baby . I hope she likes it enough to come to Shepherds Harvest in May and check out the alpaca and sheep that went into making it . I can hardly wait !

And so ends two more weeks of finger poking good fun in preparation for Shepherds Harvest .


  1. Oh MY! OH mY! OH MY! golly goodness -- what an awesome idea and plan. This is going to be soooooo exciting.

  2. Yep....I feel much more relaxed about SH this year and am actually expecting to have fun instead of just worry about "what could go wrong" . I think we will have a great time .



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