Monday, March 8, 2010

Needle felting until the dreaded stomach bug bit me

This is the base of the needle felt alien tree/mushroom that I am making to hang my alien pod necklaces from . It's about 20 inches tall and the core is some of my re-purposed felting mat . I have three layers of Romney and merino laid on this and it is taking much longer then I had anticipated . Since it is "Alien" , I am using my artistic license to make it as weird as I want , which is always fun . It's really firmly felted right now, but I'm still considering wet felting it to make the colors blend together a bit more organically . I still need to add a mushroom top which I hope to do in wet felting and a needle felt base to make it more stable .
Above and below are just a few more of my critters . Not much new except I don't usually felt on clothing (my critters feel no shame), but the brown "bear" came from some roving called Chocolate raspberry truffle , so I wanted to use a bit of the raspberry on him .
....As far as the stomach bug....(I read up on it and it is not a real flu but is a virus) and it has been 3 days developing a very close relationship with my bathroom.....less said about that the better, but there is something "going around", so be forewarned . I have been doing everything that the experts solid food while you feel nausias then only easily digested foods......For me that is those little bullion cubes and small amounts of Romen noddles . I've started feeling a little better after 3 days but still having symptoms while others have had it and it cleared up in a day....I'm not use to be sicking, so am being a big baby about it but probably have to go to work tonight anyway...(that is where I got it. so no risk of infecting anyone who hasn't already had it .

Happy crafting and hope the bug doesn't fly your way .
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  1. Inspiring pieces of work as usual. They look smashing. Hope you feel better real soon; 'cos yes, I totally agree with you..feeling yuckie just gets in the way of whatever we want to do !
    I've been working with the grey alpaca fleece over the weekend..a mouse with trousers. I'll post on it soon

  2. Thanks Maggie...I look forward to seeing your trouser-ed mouse : )

    Doesn't alpaca feel like a piece of heaven to touch ? I couldn't believe how soft it was when I got my first order .



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