Sunday, March 21, 2010

bunny pins and black and white with milk protien fiber

I don't usually use patterns or molds for my felting but I bought some cute Easter cookie cutters and wanted to try and mix a quicker method with adding my own detailing . I like the bunnies above...each is given an hour of detailing to make them 3D but I stll need to add some bead eyes and pin backs . The butterflies....didn't turn out very good, to thick to look real , I tried making thinner ones and prefelting (with a needle) to add onto the white wet felt scarf (below) but again, once felted, just to thick and bulky looking .
After a week of rain and dark skies, I now have to bright a sun to take good pictures . The above fabric is one layer of very fluffy merino with one long strip of dyed merino gently teased apart and layed in the opposite direction . Both the white and black merino felted much thicker then I had intended .

The above black scarf was supposed to be a spider web scarf but it felted really tight and fast with only one layer of black and some scattered white merino and dyed milk protien fibers .I really like the milk protien but the bright sun has really washed out how bright and pretty they are here so you will have to take my wrd for it . I think they were very staticy to work with and have to be pulled apart gently so that the fibers are far enough apart to let the wool fibers hook onto them , but it did not stick to my fingers as much as the silk . It is a bit expenssive per ounce but a little goes a long way .
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  1. Your latest post looks interesting.
    Are they the fibres that you were waiting for to arrive?
    It's amazing isn't it how many different fibres there are, plus those from the vegetable kingdom and beyond ! Your pieces look lovely.
    I shall be updating my blog over the next couple of days. I've been experimenting with different yarns also (as well as trying to tidy up my creative space)! and doing some wet felting.

  2. Thanks Maggie, this was my first time trying the milk protein . I have used silk, Tencel<--(Eucalyptus fiber), and "fire starter" and each has different effects I like.

    I have also tried working with several different sheep wools but the only wool I use for wet felting is merino...smaller the micron, the easier it wet felts . I don't know how people have the patience to wet felt the coarse fibers as they repel water and take forever to felt .

    Hope you enjoy your wet felting. Took me almost a year of needle felting before I got up the nerve to try wet felting and it sure is nice to get something made in a few hours VS a few days but....needle felting will always be my first love .

    I will keep checking your blog for your new experiments .


  3. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Unlike you I started wetfelting 20 years ago and never left it. But I don't agree it takes only shot time. Good felting takes a lot of time. I also felted other fibes than merino and it takes time and hard work but it's so nice and beautiful and strong.


  4. The bunnies are cute. I like the butterfly too, even with the thick wings.



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