Friday, March 12, 2010

needle felted Easter family

These are a couple of cuffs I'm working on . I needle felted merino onto a bit of Alpaca sweater that I fulled(felted) in the washing machine . I still need to bead and add closures but it will be a nice break from my usual finger poking fun .

It's a fuzzy family get together . One of the joys of working with animal fibers is that it seems to work so well in creating fuzzy friends and I have never had enough fuzzy friends . (Have to admit, it is nice to have a few that I don't have to clean their toilet every day . )

I know his hands are HUGE and I could make him more realistic by redoing them but I kind of like them "as is" and his arms are movable which makes it fun to animate his posture . I really need to learn how to use my camara to take movie shorts so I can do a little play on UTUBE with my critters .
Why do half my animals look like they would rip your arms off if given the chance ? Honestly, they are all just as sweet as me : ) and want nothing more then to get a few laughs and hugs from a friend . This cynical looking bunny is done "Big Eyed Art" style which is something my BF and I collect . Funny how in most fo those pictures, the big eyes make animals look sweet and vulnerable and mine just looks like he has become psychotic from smoking to much crack .......(or am I just imagining that ?) Maybe it's just the bad lighting . If the sun ever comes out in Minnesota, I will try and retake the picture and see if he looks a bit less gloomy . He really is much friendlier looking in person .

Happy felting and please go give your fuzzy friends a hug .
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  1. Hallo again ! I love your fuzzy friend and the cuffs are wonderful too. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. My paperclay are in a sleep at the time. Now I`m working on a birthday present for my daughters father in law. I trying to needle felt a variation of "the Thinker" of Auguste Rodin LOL It`s fun !

  2. he doesn't look psychotic to me.....he is cute... .... now , I'm off to check some more of your little guys....



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