Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cute little woolie and some great new fiber from GreenwoodFiberworks

This is actually another "do over" . wasn't happy with the brown eyes and body I had originally made and added some of my new "fur looking fiber and redid the eyes . I also added some teeth because I had made the bottom jaw to large . Point being . Even if your not happy with something you have made , put it aside and go back to it later . It still may not be perfect but the great thing about felt is that you can keep adding layers until you get something better .
This little bit of weirdness is a wool dread that I added to the end of my own braid just to see if you could needle felt directly into hair . Spoiler alert......You can . I just added a few inches to the end of the braid that I was planning on cutting off, but it was still in great shape after a few days and I think there is some potential for this ideal for people who want to add a few dreads or just add color to their current dreads . Easypeasy . I even thought about going into some local tattoo shops and see if anyone was interested in learning how to do this......(In exchange for a new tattoo for me ? )

My BF says that this looks like an animal that is "scooting"...... useing the lawn as toilet paper...(ewe) My intention was just a baby animal leaning forward through his back legs . There is something about that pose I find adorable . His fur is felted from some of the new "Heathered" fiber I bought from Greenwood Fiberworks on Etsy . Below is the rest of the stash that just arrived and I absolutely love the heather (her term) which has a darker subtle tone running through out that adds so much depth to the colors . Click on the picture if you want the full effect .
Not only are her colors earthy and gorgious, the fiber is a very fluffy, soft merino that felts better then most of the factory processed fibers I was using last week . Often the factory processed merino is so smooth it takes much longer to felt then the hand-dyed I buy on Etsy . One suggestion I have read for this facotry smooth fiber is using a bit of steam to open the fiber before felting it.....(as if I would ever be organized enough to do that . )
I also treated myself to a couple of ounces of Milk silk fiber ,(In the plastic bag in back). Although it doesn't "felt", it can be used like you would use silk in adding a bit of interesting texture to wet felting....just make sure it is mixed with wool or trapped by the wool to felt it down .
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  1. I luv the hair braid / dread idea., and your work is an inspiration, as usual.
    I also like your slide show. Very effective.

  2. Clever dred idea! I think I see both of your points of view on that animal - it's a cute pose, but there's something about the eyes that have that shifty look that some animals get just as they get the urge to 'scoot' and are considering whether they can get away with it before you catch up to them...

    Love the colors of that wool, will be interested to get a feel of it if you still have some left by the next time I see you!



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