Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dont Play with Your Food Mr Yeti

Just kidding, he is really friends with these sweet little sheep and mostly eats power bars he steals from hikers backpacks .
This grumpy bear is actually a "do-over" . I didn't like the original bear so covered him with several more layers and puffed him up a bit to get a better shape .

The "Wookie" does look a bit more like a werefolf then I intended . He is also a re-cover of an old partially completed sculpture that I was never happy with . He still needs an ammo belt and a few more layers of hair that I am waiting for.....(goes to check mail box again ). Waiting for fiber can be so frustrating .
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  1. Fabulous pieces of work ! Luv 'em !
    and thanks for your comments and support in my new adventure with needle felting. Bless you. It is much appreciated.
    I agree with you about alpaca fleece. It has it's purpose. The browns/greys are not too bad, but the white was quite whiskerish. Blending it with needle felting grade merino worked well
    Another challenge lays ahead of get my head around how the blog page works. Sometimes posts work and sometimes they don't !
    For instance, I'm following you (you're on my reading list), but not shown on main page..aarrgg!
    And I can't always get photos to post the way I want them to; with captions.

    Enjoyed your web site to. Lovely.
    Happy felting,



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