Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Linkk to Hot fashion inspiration

Fashionable.....me? Well, I am cutting edge . I am still hoping that my "dumpster chic" will catch on....current wardrobe consists mostly of T-Shirts with animals on them worn with flannel PaJama pants .....(Who was this genius fashionista named "Pajama" and how did he know that Pink Flamingos, Sock Monkeys and Swamp Monster flannel fabric would make such charming pant wear?)

That said, even if my own fashion sense is based on "comfortable and inexpensive" , even I can appreciate the art that goes into some clothing . The link below shows some great examples of that and some of it actually doesn't look painful to wear.....(I assumed that was a requirement of fashion.) One of my "To Do Someday" is to get a sewing dummy.........(I AM one, but am refering to the cloth kind you drape fabric on) and learn how to make my own patterns . I really have some gorgeous old clothing that I would like to re-purpose and refuse to part with because of this ....someday dream . I don't yet qualify for Hoarders show but 90% of the clothing filling my closets is things I don't wear but hope to craft with.....someday .

My obsessions are a bit like someone sitting in Urgent care waiting patiently for their turn for attention while the blood slowly leaks from an open wound....Will they get attention before their time expires ? Only time will tell .


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