Thursday, April 1, 2010

Needle felting animals for Shepherds Harvest....

Above are my personal favorites that will not be for sale....I call them "The Gang of Four"
I'm not sure what makes something talk to me and ask to stay here, but they all seem a bit silly and smirky . Perhaps I see them as bits of my self ?
They are not usually the characters that take the longest or have the best needle felting, but they are somethings I wouldn't mind scampering around in my personal forest .
Not sure what this chubby guy is "supposed" to be .....I rarely , if ever, have a photo of an animal as a reference and felt from a vague image in my mind .
This was supposed to, at least vaguely, resemble a chipmunk but is admittedly a rather psychotic version based on my memory of a chipmunk . It seems impossible for me to make anything realistic and perhaps I shouldn't fight my tendency to "cartoon" animal life as that is how I experience them . Both real and stuffed animals ie "softies"...... I believe that is what all the hip kids call them these days : ) ....... are alive to me . They are sentient beings and were my best and often only friends as a kid .
"Hand over the nuts and no one gets hurt"
This is obviously pure fantasy . I'm still struggling with to bright of sunlight in the morning when I get home from work and all the colors look washed out . I'm hoping with the warm weather, I can soon start taking photo's outside in early evenings on my week off work . (I work an 80 hour week and then have the next week off....very cool schedule) .
While waiting for new fiber , (the dentist got last months fiber budget but was worth every penny ), I went back and redid some of last years sculptures . I turned my purple bear into a panda and just firmed and added detail to the other 3 .
My attempts at dogs should convince me to give up making anything but aliens and fantasy .
The above guy, is a bit pop-eyed and no particular breed . Believe it or not he started out as a ferret . I didn't have good ferret colored roving and just kept layering different color roving until he ended up a fat fluffy pup. I recently ordered several differnt rovings to try and remedy this problem and see if I could find more realistic animal fur . I will show this new fiber when it arrives...(I'm very excited and fiber starved right now .)

Below was another attempt to use a thick copper wire in the legs so this guy would be more pose-able but not only do I hate working with wire but I still don't have the hang of using it ...more practice is needed to feel comfortable with this technique . I really find that fighting with the wire goes against the way I felt....which is letting the fiber show me where it wants to go . This is really hard when the wire is not listening to the fiber and we all end up fighting each other over which direction to go .

Happy felting .
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  1. Well done! The pop-eyed dog must have a little pug in him. Those oggoly eyes make him rather sweet. YOur work continues to amaze and delight.

  2. Oh i love your psychotic chipmonk, and what he's saying, really suits him :) great work



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