Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bit lazy but finished a few needle felt projects this week .

Nothing I make will ever be this cute and fuzzy......(keeps me humble .)
I still haven't given up on minatures and this tiny guy was a real challenge . I still need to figure out how to add bead eyes as the techniques I have tried really don't look very natural and I think I need some rounder beads .

The larger critter I call...."Slouching towards Bethlehem".....just because I like the phrase and he is slouching....(he really isn't evil ). I used some of the blended merino I bought from yarnahoy and I love the natural blend of colors . I'm trying to save most of it for making a tree but it does work great for animal fur .
This is a blend of blended merino from Yarnahoy and merino/tencel from Sheepish Creations .
It's a bit hard to visualize, but I plan on making them into the front part of necklaces with the back being suede, leather or braided handspun yarns . I do plan on adding beads so thesse will go into my ever growing. ....."to do" pile .
I wasn't happy with the vessel after wet felting so I tamed the fuzz with an additional 4 hours of needle felting . A lot of work for something that I am still not thrilled with but I am nothing if not stubborn about admitting defeat .

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  1. Your kitty is beautiful! I have a long haired (giant) cat & am in the middle of giving him a (hacking) haircut. Have you every shaved him? They look hilariously awesome!!!



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