Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sid the sloth ? and thrift store purse liners ...(if I get them sewn )

This giant sloth is inspired by "sid" from Ice Age, and does not look much like an actually sloth...A bit scary looking, but if you remember Sid from the movie , he was harmless with a big heart .
Sid took me most of the past two days and nights because of the detailing

When I started needle felting sculptures I only used wool in roving form but have found that I actually prefer using batts if I can get them at a descent price . The only problem with this is trying to make sure that each arm, leg ect, is the same size as it's mate . With roving, you can measure it by how long each strip of roving is but with a big batt, you just have to tear of sections and try and "feel" each for size..(.unless you have a very sensitive scale and can weigh grams ?) . Anyway, the batts are worth the extra effort as they felt much smoother and don't leave the hard lines you can get with strips of roving .

90% of my sculptures are very felted very hard because I am so paranoid that they will fall apart if left loose. The exception are bits of hair that I root into the base sculpture . I love the look and feel of the "fuzzy" wool hairs and it is fine to "pet" it, but to much "love" will either loosen or matt the lose hairs .
I like the glass beads for the sloth claws but they are also fragile.....sewn in and not glued . I guess, over all, this is one of my more fragile pieces, not meant for a lot of handling but an occasional hug would be appreciated by Sid .
Here is my cat Baloo, pretending there is not a Sloth lurking near by . (Cats are really good at denial .)
Last but not least , the thrift store finds from yesterdays Presidents day sale . I have been trying to find some nice fabric to line my felted bags . I thought this was a nice variety of colors and the fabrics are very thick cotton that are some kinds of window treatments .....valances ? Pardon my ignorance..... but I have never "treated" my windows....(they are lucky if they get washed . ) Whatever their original function, I think These can be repuposed and will sew up nicely to make sturdy purse liners . This weeks goal is to wash the fabrics and try and sew in the lining . All my bags are different sizes and shapes, so I can't just use a pattern but will have to do some measuring and estimating, then sew that basic shape on the machine and hand sew the top edge to the felt bag .
Anyone who has ever seen me.....(rare as as a polar bear sighting in Mexico as I am basically agoraphobic).....would know that I do not wear "girly" things . Mostly, I live in flannel PJ's and Tshirts but even I could not pass up this silk peach outfit for $3.25 !!! I don't know (or care?) if it fits, because I will probably cut it up and use it in crafting ......(gasp). I think the scarf is silk chiffon but haven't done a burn test on the thread yet, either way, it will be used in some nuno felting .
Another storage container for either finished needle felting OR craft supplies.....the irony is that it will probably sit empty, under the craft table, because I can not decide which function it is best suited for ....(sigh).
Just a little french guy that I will use for displaying bracelets at craft shows . The arms do bend up for placing the bracelets on .
I think I like vintage image on these buttons more then the buttons themselves but they should find some use in my bags .

Happy felting and thrift store shopping to all .

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