Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need Inspiration ? or...Why can we appreciate beauty ?

Above is a quick link to some color, texture and evolutionary inspiration . As awed as I am by human creation, I personally find nothing quite as amazing as natures creations . Since childhood, I have been transfixed by the texture, color and design found in the smallest details in the woods . I can spend hours picking up bits of rock or bark with tiny "moss art" attached .

When contemplating the existence of a "spiritual creator" , My question was not just how awe inspiring such a creator must be to have such a wealth of diversity in their craft bag, but that "it" would also create something in me that could feel the power of their creations beauty . Why, when I showed an amazing rock to someone else would they dismiss it with a shrug....(as I would shrug when they showed me their new shoes ?)

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....who gave us the eye/soul to experience beauty and what purpose does that ability have for humans ?

Scientist will tell you that humans experience symmetry as beautiful, wither in the human face or a plant leaf.....because it shows a healthy gene . Psychologist might tell you that only a healthy brain can experience beauty as many with depression/anxiety wear glasses that make everything around them dark and muddy .

Why is it that one human can pass a pitcher plant with little more then a glance but feel excited when seeing a purse by a famous designer ? What makes the mosses beauty speak to some but not to others ?

Some of us "create" as a way of getting closer to the spirit of the original creator . The intention is to shout or whisper......"Thank you for giving us these eyes, hands, ears and mostly the soul that allows us to feel beauty where ever we find it . " Playing with color, design and texture is our primitive attempt to say....."I see you, feel you and thank you . "

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