Thursday, January 28, 2010

A very productive week

Inspite of the high failure rate that goes along with "experimenting" , I felt like this week was pretty positive . I found out that I like the dyes I was using and they are very colorfast and easy to use . It was my first time needle felting Shetland and I love it. Even if I would never wear anything made with this fiber, as it's to itchy to me, it needle felts as well as Romney but is a bit softer to work with .
This is my newest friend and there is just something about him that I am in love with . Perhaps it is his plaintive look , or his professor like stance with his hands behind his back ? I also think that the Shetland that I used to needle felt was great to work with and the batt I used sure makes him blend well in this silk wonderland .
He is my new aspie mascot .
The nuno felting did not go as well as I had hoped . The smaller micron merino (18) did felt better then the slightly larger one I tried last time, but there still is not enough migration for me to feel comfortable selling these as anything but a decoration not as something that I would risk standing up to daily wear as the lose fibers could easily t caught on something and ripped out .
I am working on a large vase/center piece that I am considering sewing these on as an accent .
So, if I am going to keep trying to use the softer Paj/China silk instead of the chiffon, I am going to have to figure out what I am doing wrong . Then again, most people probably don't mind chiffon and it sure is less of a struggle to nuno felt .


  1. HeeHee!!

    Love you & have awarded your blog with a Sunshine Award, which is for blogs that inspire positivity and creativity.

  2. Wow, I love your new pieces!
    Looks like I had the same idea as Chrissiy P., as I have nominated you for a Sunshine blog award on my blog at This post will be up on the 2nd of Feb 2010.
    Sara x

  3. Yay Denise. Wow great work and so excited to see the Sunshine Awards you received. Crowing for you. Errrr Er ErrrrrrEr

  4. I would be blushing ...(if I wasn't actually anemic). Thanks for the "awards" and it is so great that some people actually read my blog .

    Who would have thought that a Past "deathrocker=cave dweller" would ever be nominated for anything involving sunshine ?

    Thanks guys : )



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