Monday, January 4, 2010

needle felt Dragon rider

Well, I did get my batts from Alaska and made this Dragon rider with a batt called..."Batt from Hell" it's a blend of black, red and white with a mix of fibers ...Alpaca, merino, silk and angora .

When blended it made a really interesting color that had very natural "animal fur" like high lights, which don't really show in the photo but will be fun for making more critters . I added some merino/tencel for the face, feet and hands and merino and glitz for around the eyes . I don't know what he "is" but he fits wonderfully atop the dragon and though his legs are wobbley they are very pose-able and he does stand with some back support .

The mix of fibers did take longer to felt, about 12 hours, but I'm happy with the over all effect and look forward to using the other batts I bought from Touch of Alaska . I have to say that there was more vegi-matter in these batts then I am used to from machine processed wool but they are a great price if you don't mind doing a bit of picking while you felt or spin . The quality of the fiber and colors were worth the extra picking for me .

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