Monday, January 4, 2010

Fiber could be worse, (the rent is paid)

These clutch and free form bags are both needle felted with a core of white merino batt that was lightly needled together and then over-laid with merino/Tencel . They are both washed out from having a white backing but hopefully some people will like the more pastel colors .

After these were fairly firmly needle felted , I decided to try and boiling bath with just a bit of dish soap, then I alternated with giving them hot and cold baths, soaping and slamming them in the kitchen stuff except for the globs of soap bubbles bouncing into my face . It did felt pretty well after only about 15 min of this and was then rinsed and given a nice vinegar bath .
The above are the 4 batts I bought from Touch of Alaska . I'm used to working with roving/top but this will be interesting to experiment with and see if I can keep the fibers evenly distributed so I don't end up with thin/thick spots in my bags and scarves .
The above are several pounds of multi-colored merino roving that I bought from Outback Fibers in Texas . (The egg is there for size reference .) The whole order was about $100 but this is about the softest merino I have ever worked with and the colors are really beautiful . I really want to play around with making some of my own pre-felt for making scarves an will let you know how that goes .

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