Monday, January 25, 2010

sleepy bear and China/Paj silk dyed scarves

Fuzzy_wuzzy was a bear....seems to be a bit lethargic from waking up from his winter nap and it's obvious he wont be pawing/hugging anybody for awhile .

I thought I had read some where that you could only nuno felt to natural, cotten being the things I had seen . Not that there is a big demand for felted polyester, but I had an old skirt that I bought to use the fabric for doll clothes and thought I would see if it felts .

Above is the reverse side and you can see how much it crimped up with not that much fiber migration . The areas that I laid only a thin layer on one side did not felt as well as the areas that I sandwhiched the polyester between two thin layers of wool .
Most of the scard feels securely felted but after nuno felting, I had to needle felt the edges where the fabric wouldn't attach all the way . I'm not sure if this was because of the fabric content or simply because the end wool felted to itself before it could migrate through . After needle felting, I nuno felted again and through it in the drier for awhile .

Above and below are the China silk scarves I dyed this weekend . I love the vibrant colors and had a great time folding the fiber in different ways to create some basic patterns and a few I just painted flat ith simple shapes . I also used some eucalyptus tea in some of the folds and some Frankincense , just to see if they would do anything . I wrapped one scarf around some copper wire . The result is...I have no idea what effect those additions had because I didn't use a "control" as I can't stand to do something the same more then once . I did learn that leaving it for 24 hours made it much more vibrant then the 8 hours I had the first time I dyed a scarf for my nuno class . I left the second batch for an additional 24 hours and didn't notice any difference .
Now, the question the new 18 to 19 micron merino going to felt any better to the China silk then the last time I tried (with 22 micron) . That did migrate through but not well enough and could still be puled off while wet . Wish me luck .

Happy felting !


  1. Oh WOW. Once again I am blown away. Your work is amazing. So enjoy this recording of your experiments. The results are gorgeous.

  2. Your colors are gorgeous...simply gorgeous. Vibrant, alive and shining. The issue of making is nuno is the weight of the silk. The mm or weight. The lighter the weight the easier it is to nuno. Synthetics are tough to nuno...but not impossible. E mail me if you want more info regarding nuno.



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