Friday, January 22, 2010

Knuckle dragger, alien, elf lord "cat" , rock inset with gold rimmed turquoise

As usual, I didn't know what I wanted to make when I began this little "monkey" but just had a picture in my mind of something with long dragging arms . Guess that pretty much describes a monkey ?
The face isn't very monkyish, so I guess this one qualifies as another Chimera .

I don't think there are any animals that look like this, so I assume he is an alien ? (those red things are arms not ears...that's how aliens roll ) .
I don't know why I don't just give up on making human faces, especially eyes . They always turn out so scary . This is my Elf king cat/bear ? I did him as one whole oval loosely felted and then shaped and "carved" into shape with the needle . This is quite different then the usual...making individual body parts and felting the all together . This is almost as hard as a rock in firmness but soft from the outer alpaca and mohair curls . I like the contrast in textures .
I didn't use the prefelt for skin this time, but a batt of merino with pinkish orange . It looks a bit like clay pottery color .
This is one of my large felt rocks with "turquoise" inserts . I'v been in love with rocks since I can remember and it's fun to make them out of wool .

Happy felting .

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  1. I love your monkyish little monkey. He is just adorable with his long hanging hands. Good work :)



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