Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sheepish Creations and Fiber Ahoy

Yummmy ! These are some more wonderful merino and merino/Tencel blends from Sheepish Creations.....You can find her on Etsy here.....

I really think that having such beautiful fiber to work with is part of what encourages me to keep felting even when I'm a bit tired . I just can't wait to get me needle into the fiber and she has some of the best I've found. Always great color and texture and never half felted, which I have had the misfortune of buying on Etsy from people who don't really know how to dye wool with out felting it ...those packages are a real bummer and end up being the core to some of my larger sculptures . If you want to check it out for yourself, she has some great "samplers" for a good price for both Merino(wet) and Romney(needle) felting .

In my original post, I said that I didn' think Yarn Ahoy did not card her own fiber blends....Mea Cupla (My bad in Latin???)....She DOES blend her own fiber and the selections are so perfectly blended I just assumed that it was machine made . They are as professionally done as any of the big name fiber sellers I have ordered from . She lives in London but shipping and pricing are affordable and her color selection is great . You can find her shop on Artfire or Etsy .......

The fiber wont disappoint and is gorgeous in color blending and texture .

Below is something else I purchased fro her shop, quite decadent and high priced (for me), that I bought on an impulse . It is bits of fabric scraps that are "exotic" and have some beautiful embroidered detailing . I had hoped to use them for detailing on some of my felted items as well as some doll clothing I plan on making . The scraps are smaller then I realized but I think they will work OK for what I have in mind and will be a nice addition to some beadwork .

Below are some needle felt bracelets I have been working on using her fiber . These are nice little projects that only take a few hours each and can be done while watching TV .

What is it....???looks like I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to make a purse, hat or vessel . This was actually needle felted and took way to many hours and is much to thick to be anything but a vessel . About an inch thick and to large for my head , the bottom is still open and I plan on adding a thick leather bottom . I did try to finish it with wet felting , but it just made it fuzzy and lost a lot of the detailing...bummer . Maybe it's because the fiber is mostly Shetland or maybe because I was just tired when I started , but wet felting didn't seem to tighten the fiber at all . Looks like I need to keep practicing if I want to learn how to make a vessel and perhaps stick to wet felting them of merino ?

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