Friday, January 8, 2010

needle felting in Merino and Romney

Two more........ Critters...... Origin Unknown or "COU"s....Well, I may need to work on a better acronym but I can't say I could classify them if I saw them runnung through my yard so I think of them as "fuzzy unidentified critters"...that acronym is even worse...hummmm any suggestions?

I did these back to back to get a better feel for the differences of felting with merino and Romney . Besides the Merino feeling softer but felting slower, it just feels different under the needle . I can't say I actually have a preference at this point as both have characteristics that I like better then the other and they sort of balance out in the plus/minuses . I think I will just keep alternating back and forth as I do like the diversity of how each fiber responds .

It was fun to get to use my mohair curls as I have been hoarding them as to pretty to use but I relalized that they are really to pretty to sit in a bag in my fiber bag and I can buy more .

Have a great weekend .


  1. Fiber and Aspergers in one blog? Awesome! Being undeniably OCD myself (while also clutching a delightful bouquet of other mental-illness-related posies) leaves me always on the lookout for fellow sufferers masquerading as normal folks. Pleased to meet you! (and your felt work)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog...I love your art, amazing patience you have .
    I just read a quote from Franz Asperger that (paraphrased) said... "A touch of Autism is needed for success in science and art." I don't know about the "success" part but I sure think science and art need brains that view life through different lenses and from different angles .

    As to the "masquerading", I gave that up years ago as no one was buying it anyway...Now I wear PJ's to the thrift store with no shame :)

  3. Goodness! Love the horse & your visualization! Beautiful work :)



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