Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest "alien pod" needle felted jewelry

I did actually finish something this week , my alien pod necklaces attached to needle felted "rope" necklaces . I embellished them with some of my favorite stones of carnelian, flower jasper, picture jasper and what ever the green stone is ......I looked through all my Etsy orders and can not seem to find this stone ,(although I did manage to spend another $60 on crafting supplies...I have no will power). I recall it was dyed "M" something . I may have to go ask on the Etsy forums, some of those folks really know their rocks .
Anyway, I do like the results and they are comfortable to wear . I tied one of the felted ropes and the others I added a wire wrap of copper with silver plate toggles . The pods themselves are attached using beading wire .

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