Friday, April 10, 2009

needle felted cuff with bit of natures "bling"


I'm not a beading addict but I sure am a fan of pretty rocks . They are what inspired me to make this beaded needle felt cuff . This was actually my first attempt at "not" starting with a piece of wool to felt onto but just using merino to create a free form shape . It actually started life as a neck warmer that I made to short(ooops), so cut into 4 sections and felted a bit more to "mend" the cut ends . I'm not sure about the names of the green stones are but think they are mangnivite (or some such)...whatever they are, I love the way the pop on the magenta .

I had originally thought I would add a button to this but liked the convenience and softness of just felting the two ends to each other . Took a bit longer to make that way but sure feels good .

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