Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Experimenting on the weird side

"Women spitting fire"...I actually made this small bag several months ago and put it aside to consider what I wanted to do about the mouth...I didn't like the shape of the mouth I had originally made, so I had ripped it out and now have an inch of red fiber in it's place . I thought I might redo it but I kind of like her she is...distressed and spitting flames .
This is one of several experiments using some teddy bear eyes I had bought several years ago . I'm still not sure what to do with them, but this is my version of "giving someone the hairy eyeball" .

Obviously...alien/human hybrid dedicated to Fox and X-files..."I believe" . .....that I need a lot more practice making faces .

Thought I would fancy up the "smelly balls" with some needle felt "eyes" . They are actually easier for me then trying to felt around the teddy bear eyes . I did spray one with some Ax my BF got for Christmas and it does still smell great after a week, next I will try it in the car to make sure it actually does make a good "scenter ".

I've seen several needle felt rocks but they are always gray Being an agate/rock hound from childhood...I wanted to make some that are as pretty as the agates I find on Lake Superior...(wish I could find some this bright and big ). I guess they could also be used as pin cushions but I just like looking at them . Two of them are suuposed to llok like they are inlaid with turquoise surrounded by a rim of silver . One of them didn't turn out very natural looking but still kind of fun to look at .

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  1. Oh my goodness Denise, these are awesome. Especially drawn to the bag and the Smelly eye-balls. Am just back from trip, exhausted; but just had to come see what you are up to and once here, to tell you the work you are producing is freaking amazing. Hugs, Jane



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