Monday, April 13, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest Needle felt contest ...Alpaca Women

Alpaca women is in love with the small wonders of life...moss, stones, bark, bones . (she is holding a tiny bird skull I found, boiled and painted with glow in the dark paint about 20 years ago . ) I would like to send her to her new home with a bag of such goodies and hope that her new owner would add their own small daily finds to her hands, which are meant to be an alter of "Awe" .
As to her construction...whew, human bodies in needle felting are much more difficult, for me, then clay . There are some advantages, like easily changing the appendages posture with a few pokes of the needle and no muddy hands but the body alone took over 20 hours, another 3 for the Alpaca head and 2 hours to add the dress which is beautifuly dyed Merino from Copperpot on Etsy.( In other words, not something I could afford to sell often . This will be a very limited series unless I learn some techniques to speed up the process. As is, I used a 40 needle, Merino for the body and dress and Alpaca from Northstar Alpacas ( ), over Romney for the head . Perhaps would have been wiser to use Romney for the body but I prefer the softness of the skin with Merino .
A bit of trivia...the head was inspired by the beautiful Sonata (mother of JR) of North Star Alpaca...You can see her and her gorgeous son here....( ) I believe it was her fiber I used , a beautiful silky auburn


  1. Oh my goodness, you are incredible. This absolutely blows my mind. It is so awesome both in concept and in your artistry.

  2. Thanks Gloria, very sweet of you . I have to say, I almost gave up on this but I do think she is a good representation of me as a child ...half wild and a bit scary but meaning well .



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