Friday, April 24, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest count down to fiber deliciousness

Alpaca "man" has his own needle felted toy .
This was a bit of a break from my attempts at making "realistic" animals as I let myself wander into the more imaginative world of beasts . The face is needle felted from Romney and the body and arms are alpaca with Merino for the "human legs" . In other words...he is a "mutt" , bit of this and bit of that . He is one of my largest creations so far which also meant a bit less blood loss as I find it much easier to sculpt large then to do miniatures .

A simple summery necklace of stretchy crochet with colorful merino accent balls . It can be adjusted as a multi level choker or longer laureate style .

Another crochet necklace with merino accents, an easy way to add summer color with any casual outfit .

Hard to see size perspective , but these are actually a little larger then a chicken egg . I needle felted these using Romney and merino layers on a black leather cord that can easily be adjusted for hanging length. They are intended to spray with your favorite scent and be hung in a closet, from a car rear view mirror or on a bed post . (After adding scent, do be sure to keep them away from animals and small children who might think they are meant to be chewed on .)
Eventually, I hope to add my own line of scents with these but I know there will be at least one vendor at Shepherd's Harvest selling herbal products that will probably have some nice scents that can be used with these...."Smelly balls" (sorry ma, I couldn't resist) .

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