Monday, November 1, 2010

wet felt scarf with silk gauze on bottom and merino accented with silk bell caps

I wish I could figure out a better way to photo large head scarves . As the title suggests...these are a layer of wool between silk gauze on the bottom and silk bells on and wool sandwich . The top picture  is showing the turquoise silk bells spread over the blue and peach merino . The silk base is sort of a deep pink .
The above picture is the back side, the wool colors are showing through the peach silk gauze . I found it interesting how the blue wool on the reverse side looks purple when seen through the peach silk scarf base .
I am really enthralled with the texture created by the thin wisps of the silk bell as the wool shrinks up with felting . It looks bumpy but they are silk "bumps" and really soft . I think this would be a beautiful head scarf or shoulder shawl on a sleeveless black dress . As you can see, I'm still not quit ready for winter colors .
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  1. Thanks :) I never used to like "girly colors"...I seem to be going through some color metamorphosis lately

  2. this is really interesting..great effort...

  3. Thanks...I'm still new to wet felting but I am really enjoying experimenting



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