Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Needle felt jewelry from peapod brooches to "knot braclets"

I haven't done much felting this past week as it has been filled with cat wrangling . The below pieces are made using a slightly new method that some might be interested in, though I warn that it does take some patience .

I started with a piece of roving about 3X the length of your wrist and then knotted along it's length . The knots should be firm but not hard as you don't want to brake your needle . I then just firmed the fiber from one end to the next leaving a few inches of fiber at each end to connect the piece into a circle .

I made a smaller knotted roving to make the red "peas" and then lightly felted (prefelted) some green roving and felted it over the red knotted peas .

The larger braid is the beginning of either a pet collar or a choker but I just not sure what to do to finish it off  The two smaller circle pins will be decorated with a few beads and a pin back and used to decorate a purse or scarf .
Needle felt jewelry

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  1. the peas are really lovely! you do good work and i like your color sense. you commented on my blog recently and i appreciate that. i keep thinking about what you wrote... so now i'm working on my own project! no more obligations for a while, phew.

  2. Thanks Lauren, I'm not sure what I wrote but glad if it helped prompt you to begin a project . That is the reason I visit so many blogs...so much creative energy out there .



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