Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome Max the cat

Welcome our new family member Max....Mitch, my SO, says he is the cat version of a Great Pyrenees dog which I would love to get if I ever had the space for a dog...not likely this life time but one can always dream . In the mean time....this guy will do . We got him "accidentally" after a quick visit to Human Society . (I just went to look !)
He's almost 13 pounds of muscle and fluff....lots and lots of fluff that I have already started collecting to felt myself a scarf . Thankfully, he loves to be brushed as much as cuddled . The only draw back so his housemate Balhoo , our black fluff ball, is not really sure that he needs such a big "little brother" . Balhoo had really enjoyed several years of hunting and pouncing on his big sister Wolf ,  a 17 year old  cat 1/3 his weight . A bit like matching your grandma with The Rock in a cage match . He's not so fond of the odds now but thankfully Max is a gentle giant and not really interested in proving his dominance .

Below, Balhoo takes a quick sniff of the interloper . I think that's pretty good progress in relations for 24 hours....look how long it's taken to try and find peace in the Middle East .
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