Tuesday, November 16, 2010

needle felt jewelry ...and cat peace

 Finally took some of the hundreds of needle felted "beads" I make when I'm to tired to sculpt and animal and added them to the sculpted wool amulets and mixed them with some semi-precious stones, glass and pearls to make these necklaces . Obviously, not for the faint of heart , no dainty chains and butterflies here just bold colors, textures and shapes . Large but amazingly light weight...one of the advantages of wool .

I wasn't exactly sure how I would bead these but s large sewing needle and regular Beadalon worked fine . The only draw back is that I had to constantly take the needle off, thread the beading wire through the bead then rethread and sew through the wool bead...repeat x 100 . I like the contrast though so it was worth the effort for me .

Wet felt fabric to sew into....? probably bags but I might make a few cuffs and pins as well .
 Up-date on Balhoo and Max....best buddies in less then a week . I think Balhoo was starved for another  boy to chase and wrestle with and Max has much the same desire...win/win .
 Both recovering from a bout of "chase and wrestle "
 Balhoo says that Max tastes delicious !

Hope your all enjoying felting along with preparing for winter Holidays .


  1. Hello !

    Your cats are so wonderful and fun. I like your wool beads necklaces. It must have been a great job making them ! And I also like the way you have mixed them with the glass pearls !

    I whish you have a great day !

  2. Thanks so much for the comment . I always find beading tedious, yet can spend 20 hours making one felted animal with out getting bored .

  3. Masz piękne koty i tworzysz ciekawe rzeczy. Mój kotek odszedł niestety.



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