Sunday, October 31, 2010

Needle Felt Monster From The Blue Lagoon, wet felt wrist warmers

Guarding my own sweet cat Baloo is the....." less scary then disgruntled"....Monster From the Blue Lagoon . Not to be confused with his more cranky uncle.....Creature from the Black Lagoon . 

This is the first needle felt I've done in several weeks as I have been exploring wool dying and wet felting . I did him in honor of Halloween . I hope you all had a happy one !
Below are my first experiments in wet felted wrist warmer cuffs . In the past I have only made these by needle felting.....taking about 4 hours to make just one cuff . That would be a bit cost prohibitive to try and sell so I decided to go "industrial" and create my own mass production by laying out many cuffs at once....all with different mix of roving colors and silk bell accents .

I was a bit surprised to find that it actually took longer to get these to felt then the scarves . There were two that actually need to be needle felted to continue firming them up . The other problem I had was that I waited to long to fold over the first I was going to leave thinner jagged edges but decided after a few rollings I didn't like the look and tried to fold up the edges to be more symmetrical rectangles . A few of the pieces had already felted to much (created a skin) so the edges would not totally bind and will also need to be needle felted . I plan on adding some beading and small bits of  "exotic fabric" that I bought on Etsy as accents and probably some re-purposed suede on a few of these .

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  1. I adore your Blue Lagoon Creature!! He's got such character and presence.
    Thank you for your comment on Country Cleaver. I look forward to learning more about your felting, it's simply gorgeous!!
    All the best ~Megan aka Wanna Be A Country Cleaver



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