Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can you needle felt "cute"

I really need to create a nice woodsy backdrop for my animals . These pictures have about all the "warmth" of those sad animals sitting on concrete floors at the Human Society......then again, that sad contrast always makes me want to bring them home . Perhaps that will be on my list of "TO DO" today . As to the animals themselves, I thought I better try and make something a little cute to make up for my last troll animal . I don't know if these qualify as cute but they are at least recognizable as something that might live on this planet .
I really have no idea if anyone ever reads these things but if someone stumbles by here who is also interested in selling felt sculptures......I spent several hours on ebay and Art Fire and was discouraged to see how few people bid or buy needle felt . Even much better felters don't seem to get what I would consider a fair price considering all the hours it takes to create wool sculptures .

I really don't know of it's the economy or people just don't really like wool sculpture compared to other collectibles . Do some people think it is weird/gross to make stuff out of animal hair....(as apposed to melted sand<--glass/// dry mud<--ceramics/// Oily plant and dirt powder<--paint///reformed oil particles<---plastic figurines and Femo . ) I personally think it's cool that humans use natural things to make art . My first art was creating still life using rocks, bones, rusty metal, drift wood and bark that I found foraging in the woods . I later moved to using doll parts in surreal ways....(I recently saw someone who uses doll arm and legs attached to wood as clothing hangers.......great minds think alike, though I never thought anyone would buy those things as I was the only "weirdo" who liked them . Pardon my insanity but it seems like one day I am trying to concentrate on how to list items on Etsy, getting up the nerve to sign up for craft shows, consign to local stores....and the next day..... I think I should just keep making things and keep them.... wait for the day when the economy is strong enough to sell them for what the time and effort to make them is worth . My brain hurts . I would love it if anyone cares to share their struggles about this issue . I'm not new to making but am very new to the idea of trying to sell what I make .

Happy felting ?


  1. Hey There
    I read but sometimes just dont get the chance and comment.
    I do know what you mean, i braved it and signed up for Etsy and then did nothing with it for about a year i then got very brave lol and signed up for made it ( aussie based stores) and over the last 6 months have only sold 1 thing. I wash,dye and card fibres to sell and yarn but there is so much competition i dont end up selling anything. I dont usually sell what i make because i find that very hard but i am going to try that soon and see what happens. I also think its because i tell myself that there are so many sellers out there that have a good name for themselves that i dont have a hope in ^%$^$ of selling anything lol
    I have to change my attitude, I also dont think it has much to do with the economy because there are people who do make a lot of sales no matter what, people love their arts and crafts and it can be a life saver to some. So hang in there and we could both start believing in ourselves.
    Sorry that was a bit long winded but your not alone and your definitely not insane. I think you should just list something small for the price you want and wait and see what happens.
    Cheers Karen xoxo

  2. Thanks Karen and good luck with your listings . There is a lot of competition in supply selling and I am sometimes shocked at how cheap some artists sell their roving...(and I know how much time it takes to wash,dye, card, package and mail items . Like most small businesses, it is hard to compete with larger producers sellers and harder to get your name out there for buyers to find .

    That is definitely part of my problem....the selling, listing, photing and promoting all take time away form the creating .

    Anyway, thanks for your input and I will try and get a few things listed before the Holidays and just see what happens .



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