Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Detta's Spindle in MN and needle felt friends

Oddly enough, in my attempts to get a descent picture in "to bright" lighting, the thing that seemed to work best is using the flash.....go figure .
I just wanted to share some of my new critters made with natural fiber from Detta's Spindle . (Click on the name to go to her website and find some reasonably priced fiber ) . After playing email tag for a bit and trying to chose which fibers to try, my order finally got here this week and I was thrilled . It was several pds of both Mill Ends and undyed wool fiber . I just read an article the other day about dying using the oven instead of microwave or steaming but it didn't give temp or time, so may involve some experimenting as I hope to dye some of the natural light grey/brown and white merino . I bought some beautiful brown alpaca over dyed in peacock colors and loved it so am hoping to achieve similar effect .
The above fiber is some lovely browns in subtle shades that I think worked nicely on my animals . My favorite is the Mill Ends with lighter reddish brown mixed with mohair . Other then the natural brown merino, the other fibers are around 27 micron and felt some where inbetween super fast Romney and slower merino . It's fairly soft to the touch as top/roving but feels a little scratchy once solidly felted .
The face and paw pads are merino and merino/silk blend . I tried taking them from different angles to see which showed their best features but not sure I can tell the difference .

Anyway, I shouldn't be surprised that the natural fibers look more "natural" then all the dyed fibers I have tried but I have a long way to go before I can actually needle felt an animal that looks like something you might find in the woods and not just running around my weird dreams .

Happy felting !
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  1. I like the pink bits, and I think you are getting better at the shading - your felting is getting more sophisticated all the time. I'm not entirely sure that your creative process will ever allow you to get to the point where your hands produce exactly what is in your head, but that might be a good thing. There is inspiration in the space between your head and your hands...

  2. these critters are so cute and so my sense of humor made my day



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