Friday, August 6, 2010

needle felting with alpaca

I've been having a lot of fun needle felting with the baby Alpaca locks from North Star Alpaca . This fiber has such beautiful curls which have to be treated gently when pulling out the VM that gets caught in them . This cuff is a bit over the top for most folks but perfect for the fur lovers who don't want to kill an animal to wear their fur .

I started this project by needle felting a merino cuff and then felted in sections of alpaca locks . Once they felt firm, I laid another layer of merino on top and felted that over the base of the locks to sandwich them into place more firmly . I still need to add a closure but I think the cuff of fuzzy curls is pretty sweet .
Ever heard of a Merkin ? Well this is my attempt to make something that might be picked by Regretsy . I know some people think that the mock Etsy site is "mean" but I find many of their choices of Etsy "weirdness" to be interesting and others to be funny . I am planning on adding a velcro backing to this so it can be added to the outside of the underwear and used to give those famous "getting out of the car paparazzi " something to look at . I think it is something that would appeal to a limited audiance....Paris Hilton or a Furry <-----( a person who likes to dress up in animal costumes .......yes they are real) .
I finally got most of my animals organized so I can find them for labeling, photos and listing on small step closer to opening Wool Alchemy on Etsy . I still want to design a recycled leather tag for my felt . (just another way to procrastinate listing them ?
More fun with Alpaca and some other fibers . The larger critter was made with several different types of wool.....Shetland, BFL, Llama, merino and alpaca . I am experimenting with what fiber works for what function . I'll let you know when I get a bit more experience with these new fibers . I do like the natural undyed fiber colors though some may find them a bit boring .

Have fun felting !

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  1. Good luck with regretsy - I can hardly believe, now, that I was upset when I first found I had been featured on there. I got over it - very quickly - when the buyers started queuing up! Like you, I find some of the stuff featured amusing, and even if I don't find something appealing - you can bet that someone, somewhere, will.



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