Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coming tomorrow.....wet felting and hand dying Mill End roving

When I can make one of these....(When you can snatch this pebble from my hand Grasshopper....)then I know I will have achieved some needle felt proficiency....until then....Here is a felter that I just found on Etsy that has some very amazing and inspiring work that you will enjoy for it's clean lines, great color and especially diversity of design .

I have not gotten to the phase where I feel confident enough to use resists to make hats, bags, vessels, slippers...... but one of these days......maybe tonight , I am going to force myself to try .

I HAVE finally tackled roving dying and did not felt it while dying....Yea! I will try and get pictures of how that worked out tomorrow and write a bit about my experience with this new process and a few things I read while researching the topic on-line . Although the result was what some call "muddy" and I call "organic"....(mud is VERY organic by the way) . I do like the end results and hope to get better with more practice .

I have also done some wet felting with my newly dyed roving and some of the Mill Ends I recently bought and will give two sources I thought are worth trying if your interested in experimenting with dying .


  1. I really enjoy her work to, her slippers are gorgeous arent they. I was nervous about using a resist to but i just started practising. Zed ( Felt by Zed) has some great tutorials on her blog, i have her listed on mine. I like your little bag you made, really pretty colors and the ball. Our puppy loves wool and completely destroys anything he can find lol xoxo

  2. Be fearless - 'fails' are nothing to worry about, since you can always figure out something else to turn them into!

    I think the gal makes lovely slippers, but I also think that what you do is much more creative and interesting. She's a specialist, and you are a generalist, and you shouldn't compare the two, it's like comparing poodles and koalas...



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