Monday, August 2, 2010

Needle felt alpaca and other monsters

I'm not sure what happened but I got on some kind of large animal kick which seems counter intuitive considering I can' afford much more wool right now but it sure makes the alpaca curls look cool . The latest of my animals is "sort of" an alpaca baby that I made for the women I buy my alpaca from . She basically saved a baby alpaca named JR, who I think was born underweight . Anyway, she sent me some of his baby locks and I wanted to do something to pay them both homage . Unfortunately, I did not have the dark brown fiber for his muzzle or enough of his own fiber to completely cover the purple base fiber I used to sculpt the core .

I'm hoping she wont mind poking a bit of the rest of his fiber on the purple areas that need patching .

Well, not exactly cute, unless your enamored by gargoyles but I think his version of a smile is his attempt to be friendly ......(and not just showing off his good dental hygiene.)

It was nice to get back to "normal size" . The alpaca took 4 days of almost every waking hour (minus some eating and computer time). This little guy was about 6 hours .
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