Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alpaca locks needle felt animal

Just a quick post as I am currently in the midst of a needle felt project that I would like to get done Friday .

This is my first full body covering of alpaca curls from North Star Alpaca on Etsy . I spent about 16 hours making the base sculpture and adding all the details . I wanted to get it done before I added the curls so that I wouldn't mess them up after . I would love to do a tutorial of this when I feel a bit more confident in my procedure but still feel I am in the experimental phase . I do love the end result and my Bf and I spent a lot of time petting the critter last night because the fiber is unbelievably soft . Most of the fibers appear to be holding but there are a few root end sections that could use a bit more felting down to make them more secure . Although petting is fine you certainly wouldn't want to try and brush the hair or pick him up by it....(who would do such a thing ?)
I think his profile actually looks cuter then face on .
DO you think he looks like Cousin It from the Adams family.....hummm, perhaps that will be a project in the near future or tribels from Star Trek.....(eh gads, my nerd is showing) .

Happy felting !

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