Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alpaca needle felt and wet felt and nuno silk gauze and merino

This has been a week of experimenting with "firsts" for me . Above is the nuno scarf with white silk gauze which felted much better then the chiffon because it ha larger "pores" for the fiber to migrate through . (It's the one wraped around the felted animal .

The animal is sitting on top of two merino and alpaca wet felted fabrics .
This "whatever he is" made with merino and mixed core fibers and topped with several different natural colors of alpaca .
I almost gave up on felting alpaca because it takes so much longer to felt but it works great as surface fiber if you add a nice thick layer over your base fiber .
I like the "natural" look of both the colors and fuzzy texture .
The orange fabric was an interesting project . I layered alpaca "seconds"....the less desirable fiber between top and bottom fibers of merino and mystery fiber and ended up with a fiber sandwiched that was several inches thick . This did take a while to start felting and used a lot of water to soak all the way through but I love the sponge texture created by the alpaca in the middle . The fiber snack on both items was a new very thin roving I bought from ......WIldthyme on Etsy . The fiber balls seem like the perfect thing for spinning but are also so nice and thin that they make the perfect accents for the top of wet felting .

The blue fuzzy fiber material is created with a base of silk and merino in black (on reverse side) covered with a thin layer of dyed alpaca seconds from North Star Alpaca on Etsy ....This might be a little itchy for a scarf but will make a great bag fabric or table runner .

Below is my first experiment with merino and silk gauze . The hand dyed merino fiber is also from WildThyme candy balls and stayed bright and soft . The end result has a really soft hand and drape for a scarf .

As on the picture for a close up of texture and slick on Etsy shop names to be taken to buy the fiber shown .

Happy felting !

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