Monday, July 19, 2010

needle felt animals, fuzzy forest friends

Remember the pre-furry otter who looked nothing like an otter ? This is him....after I tried several layers of different colored wool (lacking patience to wait for my fur colored roving), my brown roving finally arrived . His face is hand dyed merino from Chamelion Colorworks which she calls Earth. His body is fernwood blended merino from Ashland Bay sold by Eweniquely Ewe Fiber on Etsy and baby alpaca locks from North Star Alpaca . The mass of locks are not easy to work with but well worth the effort in my opinion .
I think the end result was worth the several days of constant poking and the long ears give him a bunny look but his tail is long and thick and acts as a tri-pod to help him stand . He's a big boy and must way at least a pound .
I can't even begin to guess what this guy is and both creatures are more stylized then realistic . At least, I have never seen them wandering around my neighborhood .

I hate to wait to get more of this color but Chamelion is on vacation until the end of the month and I'm broke anyway, so.....looks like I will have to wait .
Below is the lovely selection of Ashland Bay merino and silk blends that I bought from Eweniquely Ewe and hope to use to make some wet felting and nuno felting . I still need to get organized to dye the many yards of silk fabric I bought a month ago . (I keep forgetting to buy vinegar to use with the dye .) Hopefully I will remember to bring my camera when I begin the dying so I can have a tutorial .

Happy felting ( and don't forget you can click on the pictures for more detail and click the fiber sellers names to get some of this yummy fiber .... I love click technology !)

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  1. I love your forest critters!

    Thank you so much for mentioning eweniquely ewe



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