Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Needle felt outdoors

This week off I did very little felting but spent hours trying to find new fiber as my stash is getting frightening low . I will try and show it as it dribbles in this next week . The above larger ????whatever he is, is another experiment in merino covered in thinner layer of alpaca .
I also finally made myself get outside to experiment with out door pictures . Photoing is one of my larger obstacles to listing items on Etsy . I spent several hours looking at other Etsy felters pictures and trying to see what they were doing that made their pictures good/bad . Felt is difficult to take pictures of as the vivid colors and textures seem to go flat . The majority of my pictures have been indoors with natural light.....(but in an apartment that gets very little light .
I had hoped that taking pictures late in the day....5pm, would be dark enough not to wash out the colors but add the depth missing in indoor pics. I found that full light was still to much as shown above .
The above and below pics are done in the shade of a tree using a flash and not using a flash . It's taken from a distance of about 6 feet because I wanted to get a panoramic including all the animals .I'm hoping to eventually use a shot like this as a header for my blog and Etsy store .

Other then finding out that direct sun light makes horrid photos, I don't see much advantage to shooting the pics outside . Perhaps it is a matter of needing to adjust my camera but I think more experimenting is needed to learn to capture the color and texture .

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