Friday, April 30, 2010

what angle works best in photo of animals and new fiber from Spinning the Web

I finished these guys this morning after receiving some new animal colored roving called "SOIL" from........ Spinning the Web on Etsy .
It's the best colors to date for animal fur and I'm hoping that she can reproduce it because it has a beautiful transition of Carmal to dark brown . The roving it self was also very soft and fluffy, so I feel confident that she knows how to dye wool with out felting it....that's been an issue with some recent purchases elsewhere .

I'm also trying to figure out what angle works best for photos of the critters . I really don't have an eye for such things but am trying to teach myself to see "perspective" . That is one of the nice things about digital photos is you can snap away and try every angle, lighting, see what works best . My goal is to try and figure out a "key" to follow so that I don't spend 30 min trying to get the best shot . I know there is a pattern to this if I can just take the time to see it . Wish me luck .
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