Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Techno color animals....(ran out of animal color roving)

I ran out of most of my "fur colored" roving blends so had to revert to my techno fantasy type animals using some merino and BFL blends . I think it is actually a good thing as it allows me to free associate a bit more instead of being stuck in ....this is the shape of this animal fantasy there is no "rules" . A fantasy animal can have bunny ears and tiny feet and no tail .

I'm also still trying to find some non-sculptured items to bring to Shepherds Harvest for thos folks who aren't as fond of animals.......fantasy or other wards . This is needle felted instead of wet felted so retains more of the softness of the merino then my wet felted cuffs . I added a bit of flash with a vintage fabric scrap .

I'm also trying to design some simpler and faster needle felt animals that people like me , (uhmmm, sorta poor), could afford but that are still well made and "cute" ....I like cute, inspite of the fact that so many of my critters are a bit smirky or angry looking .

I think my pictures are better then when I first started taking pics but the above image shows that I haven't managed to learn how to add enough contrast so the appendages stand out more from the main body . That isn't an issue when I can show "in person" but needs a remedy before I start putting items in my Etsy shop . I want them to look like you could reach in and pick the little guys up .

This is a smaller and quicker version of my attempt at a sitting alpaca which turned out more like a kangaroo for some reason . Because alpacas and other such beasties don't actually sit like's a bit hard for me to figure out how the appendages should be positioned . Another challange to work out because I really do like them sitting more then standing . Sitting animals just seem more anamorphic, which is something that I personally like .
Haven't a clue what/who this guy is but he strikes me as a bit shy and easily startled so please use your inside voices around him . I am expecting some more animal fur colored fiber this week but really, really should spend the week focusing on finishing those cuffs and bags that need beading and making tags and business cards for the show......will I be able to resist the call of the needle.....I doubt it . History has shown that I have very little will power when there is new roving calling .

Happy felting !

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