Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Organizing needle felt for Shepherds Harvest

Click on pictures to see more detail.........
I actually completed a goal for this week . One small step in preparing for Shepherds Harvest and opening my Wool Alchemy Etsy shop . I cleared several totes worth of my "Nic Nacks" <--- (hoarders raise your hands) and put most of this years needle felted critters in one place so that I can tag, price and decide what to bring for SH . I'm hoping this will give me a better idea of how much room, shelving space I will need for the show and has the advantage of letting me look at what I've made .
Above and below are the book shelves I made out of a discarded water bed frame some one had thrown away . It's much to large and heavy to bring to the show but will help me decide how to place items on my own shelving system at the show......(yet to be designed) . I wont be bringing everything and still need to include all the needle and wet felt bags and jewelry . I don't think I will probably sell that much at this venue, but it is really a fun show and hopefully will be a chance to hand out business cards, meet other fiber obsessed, see my own friends and of course meet some alpaca , sheep and goats .

Back to my 80 hour work week and trying to organize the none animal items in my booth . I still need to add beading, straps and closures to some cuggs and bags for the show and next week off will be all about getting tags on items .

Happy felting !
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  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!!! Denise, this is amazing. You are so many steps ahead of last year. What a major committment and how hard it must have been to take down all your so loved hoarded items. I hope that seeing all of your amazing needle felt critters, and being so organized and prepared to tag them fills you will joy. Hugs, Jane

  2. Wow wow and even more wow !
    What a marvelous display ! Fabulous.
    I'm sure you'll do really well at the show. You certainly deserve to.

  3. Thanks you guys . It's nice to have everything in one place to get ideas on what I like and don't like for the next woolies . I think this is the only thing organized in my apt. but it's a start .

  4. Wow, Denise - I'm so impressed, you must have faced down a demon or two to get all that accomplished. You should be proud!! (They look great - I hope you sell a number of them, and that your alpaca wins the contest, so darling!!)



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